Welcome to CHAS!  We would like to thank you for choosing our dedicated team for all your health and wellness needs.  We are confident that our skilled team of healthcare professionals will make your experience at CHAS pleasant and efficient.


Who can come to CHAS clinics?


At CHAS, everyone is welcome! No one is turned away based on ability to pay!

  • Private Insurance - We are contracted with many private insurances. If you have private insurance, you will be responsible for any co-pays required by your insurance plan and any other amounts not reimbursed by them.
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid - We are contracted with Idaho Medicaid and the following Washington Apple Health (Medicaid) carriers:
    • Amerigroup
    • Community Health Plan of Washington
    • Molina Healthcare
    • United Healthcare
  • Uninsured - If you do not have insurance, we will set up a time for you to meet with a Patient Services Coordinator (PSC) who will help determine whether or not you qualify for insurance, or will establish you on our sliding fee program.  With the sliding fee program, we will bill you a flat fee, similar to a co-pay, for each medical visit.  The amount of this fee will be based on your family size and income and ranges from $25 to $65.  A similar program is available for dental visits.

Again, thank you for choosing the CHAS family of clinics!